Here are the main parts of Paul Niemann's business ...

  • Building websites for inventors
  • Helping companies acquire new products  


   Public Speaking for Schools -- 
  Programs include: 

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Invention Mysteries:
  • Syndicated newspaper column since 2003
  • Two books
  • Newspapers In Education weekly newspaper column


Red, White & True Mysteries:
  • 3-DVD video series for teachers and consumers
  • Weekly syndicated newspaper column 
  • Weekly videos for newspaper websites

The "Centenarians" Videotape Series:
This video documentary will be distributed to American high schools.
(Introduction by the late senator, Strom Thurmond)

DESCRIPTION:    This unique videotape series will show how life has changed over the last 100 years ago, from the perspective of 30 people from all over the world who have lived the longest. It will also help permanently PRESERVE HISTORY and, hopefully, discover some common traits that enable people to live so long.

STATUS:    Actively seeking $119,128 in funding to finance the entire project. Potential sponsors include: corporate sponsors that market their products to the elderly, 100-year old companies (the Centenarians concept is a perfect marketing tie-in for centenarian companies), and any wealthy individual who may have a centenarian or two in their family tree.

Thank you!

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